All Important Baccarat Facts You Should Know

About Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat is another highly popular contemporary version of the classic baccarat card game. It’s extremely simple to learn and can be played by almost anyone having basic knowledge of baccarat. In fact, mini baccarat is counted amongst the easiest casino games to be played. As it’s purely based on chance, you don’t require any knowledge or skill for being successful at mini baccarat.

It’s played using the same rules that are applicable in conventional baccarat. Although there are slight procedural differences, the same set of rules apply in all off-line and online casinos. Considering that the game of baccarat provides you the best odds of winning compared to other casino games (as the house edge is pretty low), you must definitely play it during your visit to any off-line/online casino. As also in case of poker, casinos don’t make money by beating players, but by charging a commission on the winning bets.

But what exactly sets mini baccarat apart from the conventional baccarat. Let’s throw light on some of the differences as follows:
– The primary difference is in the way that the game is played and the banker’s role. While in conventional baccarat, players take turns in playing the banker’s role, with the shoe passed from one player to the other, in mini baccarat it’s always the dealer who plays the role of the banker. Players normally never touch the cards.
– The game of mini baccarat is normally always played using a 6 deck shoe, while the conventional baccarat is played using an 8 deck shoe.
– The less number of decks slightly favours the chances of getting a tie. So, in case of a six deck many baccarat game, the house edge is normally 14.44% on tie bets, 1.24% on player bets and 1.06% on banker bets. On the other hand, the house edge in conventional 8 deck baccarat game is 14.36% on tie bets, 1.24% on player bets and 1.06% on banker bets.
– The dealing process becomes much faster in mini baccarat as it’s the dealers who handle the cards and place them on the table. However, it’s the bettors who draw cards from the shoe in classic baccarat, followed by placing them face down on the table and then ritually turning them over one by one.
– It’s a single dealer who handles the complete mini baccarat game, including the dealing of the cards. In the conventional baccarat, the dealers keep changing.
– Another way in which mini baccarat differs from the conventional version is the minimum and maximum bet amounts. While the latter is known for its huge bet amounts, the minimum bets in mini baccarat can be as low as £ 2 to £ 5, while the maximum bets can even go up to £ 500.
– A mini baccarat table is normally smaller compared to the classic baccarat table, and hence there are fewer players. It’s actually more like a blackjack table, with no more than 7 to 9 places for the players.
– Mini baccarat is normally less formal and more relaxed in terms of the atmosphere it’s played in. The classic baccarat on the other hand can have an intimidating atmosphere with well-dressed dealers, high rollers and very high stake amounts. Furthermore, the classic baccarat area is separated from the rest of the casino games. Mini baccarat on the other hand is integrated into the regular casino floor, and doesn’t have any dress code or high rollers involved.