All Important Baccarat Facts You Should Know

Brief History of Baccarat

Every casino game has a history of its own, especially when it comes to its development over the years, and the same applies to baccarat. When people talk about baccarat’s history, many argue about it origins as it’s unclear whether it came from Italy or France. Etymologically speaking, the term baccarat has its origins in the Italian word ‘baccara,’ meaning zero or the loss incurred in the game.
It’s a common belief that although the original creator of baccarat was an Italian gambler called Felix Falguerein, the game became hugely popular only after its introduction to France. In fact, it used to be a common pastime of Charles VIII soldiers during the later years of 15 century. It was in France only that the two primary variations of baccarat – Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer came into being and gained widespread popularity throughout the world later.
Earlier when baccarat used to be played in Italy, it used to be mainly played with tarot cards. It wasn’t until after the passage of a long time that these tarot cards were replaced by the regular 52 cards deck.
Furthermore, the game could only be played by the noble and rich men of those times. Middle class had neither the money for nor the access to such pleasurable activities. The only place that common people could enjoy baccarat at those times used to be in illegal slums.

Baccarat in America
The game wasn’t introduced to America until the late 19th century, when the migratory French and English citizens brought baccarat with them to the US. However, it didn’t become an instant hit in America as there were plenty more casino card games like blackjack, poker etc. that were already popular. This was also the time when blackjack was a big thing in America and almost everyone could be seen playing it!
Baccarat was then introduced to Cuba and got its name Punto Banco from that country. Tommy Renzoni, a popular casino player from Cuba brought baccarat back to Las Vegas and gave it a new lease of life. Punto Banco retained its name in Las Vegas casinos and became a huge success there! Baccarat or Punto Banco’s new-found popularity led to the creation of this confirmed third version of baccarat.
Americans got so excited by Punto Banco that they created their own variations of the game, one of the popular ones of which is mini baccarat. However, the increasing popularity of these new-age baccarat variants didn’t mean that the old versions were forgotten in a hurry. Europeans weren’t prepared to accept these versions and continued to play the old world Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer in their casinos. That’s also the reason why a large majority of European casinos continue to offer these three different baccarat versions to the card game lovers.

The baccarat of today
Despite its evolution over the centuries, the game of baccarat continues to evolve even today. The advent of Internet has led to the creation and widespread popularity of online baccarat. The game has become the highlight of all popular online casinos today. Carry out a simple Google search for the term online baccarat and you’d know what we’re talking about!