All Important Baccarat Facts You Should Know

Top 5 Baccarat Tips

No matter how many strategies you may come across, there’s nothing that works like luck when you’re playing baccarat. Although baccarat is quite simple, you should be aware of its rules in order to succeed at it on a regular basis. In fact, no amount of statistics, strategies or systems will help you unless you are thorough about these rules.

Regardless, there are certain factors like the number of decks being used, the house edge and more that can help you win consistently at baccarat. Following are some such strategies you can use:

Avoid betting on tie
Doesn’t matter that it comes with an inviting 9-1 or 8-1 payout, tie should always be the last option for you to bet on. Having mentioned that, please always keep in mind that baccarat is purely a game of chance and there’s nothing that can predict the exact outcome of the next coup. However, going by the general statistics, ‘tie’ bets almost always end up on the losing side, as the chances of both player and banker getting the same points are very thin.

Go with the bank
Just like you shouldn’t fall for the 8-1 or 9-1 payout in case of ties, you shouldn’t also be afraid of betting on the banker. Many players avoid betting on the banker as they don’t like paying the 5% commission, but they forget that there is a reason that casinos make banker bets so unappealing. A 1-1 payout for the regular baccarat bets is already not too sexy, a 5% commission on top of that makes banker bets even more unattractive.
However, if you ask the seasoned baccarat players, they’d tell you that these bets have the lowest house edge, and maximum chances of winning.

Avoid all that note taking
We aren’t entirely sure if this happens as much in the online baccarat play as much it does in the brick and mortar casinos, but it is advisable to avoid writing down each and every result on paper. People often try working out some magic formula by putting down game statistics, only to realise later that note taking during baccarat play only adds up to the frustration of losing.
As also mentioned earlier, baccarat is purely a game of chance, devoid of any math-related mechanism or algorithm. Unless you’re absolutely sure that every fourth hand goes to the player, there is no reason for you to take down all those notes. Just enjoy the game and have fun!

Find out how many decks of cards are in use
Please keep in mind that the house edge is directly related to the number of card decks in the shoe. You can directly check this while playing baccarat in a brick and mortar casino as well as in an online casino. Although it’s pretty rare to find baccarat games played with just one deck of cards these days, the thumb rule is the lesser the number of decks, the better your chances of winning are. So, a 6 deck baccarat game is any day better than an 8 deck one.

Practice free online baccarat
As online baccarat can get pretty far sometimes, it’s always better to play some free online baccarat games first. Use actual money only after you’re comfortable with the online playing environment and pace.